I have sad news to share with you, and so many of our much loved and appreciated Outpost Hair Bellingen clients.

It is with a heavy heart I must advise you that after ten truly wonderful years, our Bellingen salon will close on 4th June, 2022. I know this will have some impact on you, if only just in the loss of the convenience of us being close by in Bellingen, and I deeply regret that I have been forced to make this choice.

Unfortunately the negative impacts of the events of the past two years have required us to consolidate our business, and that consolidation will take place at our more spacious Moonee Beach salon.

There is however a very positive aspect to this change. 

For the past two years we have attempted to keep two salons open, operating and viable, with only enough staff to effectively run one. Amalgamating our creative resources will allow us to not only continue to deliver, but improve upon the excellence you have come to expect from us. The very best stylists, the very best services and the very best botanical products, all under one creative roof. 

Our Moonee Beach salon is now set to expand beyond the bustling, inspired hub of styling excellence it already is. Furthermore, with our creative team reunited under one roof our training and mentoring program is primed to become even more effective and powerful. This will allow us to better train stylists to, and beyond, the level you deserve and have come to expect from Outpost Hair

So if you thought we were great already, just watch, we are about to get even better.

The Moonee Beach salon will be an environment crackling with creative energy and fun. A  welcoming place for you to be, and allow our team to once again pamper and transform you and your hair. Yes it is very disheartening to see the Bellingen salon close, however the energy that it is and has always been can never end or be lost, only transformed. We now warmly invite you to experience that transformation in our Moonee Beach salon. 

In addition to the practical considerations that have led to this decision there are some personal ones also.

  • My passion for educating, training and mentoring has had to take a back seat to administration, and I can no longer allow that to occur.                                                                        
  • The stress of overseeing and maintaining high standards in two separate salons has been draining on my health.                                          
  • My children have not been getting enough of my time and attention, and that has to change.

Again, the Bellingen salon will close on 4th June. Meanwhile, and until then we will  continue to deliver the exceptional service you expect of us. To book future appointments at the Moonee Beach salon please contact us on 5606 3269

If you feel you cannot make the transition to the Moonee Beach salon I fully understand. If that is your choice please know that I am so very grateful to have been able to provide our services to you, and thank you sincerely for choosing to trust us to do so throughout our time together.

It has been a pleasure and honour to pamper, care for and serve you, as it has been to be a part of the wonderful Bellingen community.

Please let us know if we can assist you in any way during this transition, and I truly hope to see you again in Moonee Beach in June, and beyond.


With respect, gratitude and appreciation,

Hanna Lynch (and all the great Outpost Hair team)