Thank you beautiful Bellingen friends!

The overwhelming support and on going commitment we recently received from our Bellingen salon clients was truly humbling, and I am so very grateful to receive it. It has made a difficult choice so much easier to negotiate, and I am determined to ensure we continue to provide excellence of service in return. 

The announcement rollout demonstrated that we had some holes in our client records, and I wish to ensure we do not inadvertently leave anyone out. So, may I request that if you have chosen to continue to utilise our services that you help us update our contact details for you by filling in the simple form below.

I can assure you that the information you supply is for our client records only, to be used purely in the course of providing services to you.  

It will not, under any circumstance, be shared with others. 

Thank you for your cooperation, and I look forward to seeing you in the salon again very soon.


Hanna Lynch (and all the great team at Outpost Hair)