Frequently Asked Questions

Can I just have a trim rather than a full haircut?

Regardless of the length of hair removed our service offering is a complete product. This includes precision haircutting, hair washing, Aveda massage, cutting the hair wet, blowdrying and dry cutting to personalise and complete the hair cut. This is the service and quality we have built our business on and we do not compromise it. 

We do not offer a lesser service at lower cost by excluding parts of the service as we consider all the parts of the service essential to the quality of the service. We do not therefore offer reduced cost services, because we do not offer reduced quality services.

How long will it take, and how much does it cost to change hair colour from dark to light?

Colour correction is a detailed process and it varies considerably from one client to another. There are many factors to consider when choosing a lighter hair colour and these include existing colour, hair condition and desired shade and tone. 

Sometimes the desired result is not achievable in one treatment. It may take two or three appointments for a radical change as our top priority is always the healthy condition of your hair following your treatment. This is especially vital when lightening hair. 

The best way to get a clear understanding and process treatment schedule for a colour correction or change is to book a consultation with one of our specialists. 

Why is this stylist a different price for this service?

We have a tiered pricing structure which acknowledges the training and skills levels of our stylists. There are three levels and they are:

Emerging Stylist

Emerging stylists are either approaching the end of their apprenticeship or are in the 1st year of full professional qualification. Additional to their primary training our emerging stylists receive regular ongoing supplementary training. 

Senior Stylist

Our Senior Stylists have had up to 10 years experience at full professional qualification level. This experience can have been accrued either at Outpost Hair or similar high quality salons. 

Master Stylist

Our Master Stylists have more than 10 years experience, and have been with Outpost Hair for more than 2 years. This second time requirement is necessary to ensure we can verify their ongoing skills development and training. 

Irrespective of their experience level, ALL of our stylists, master, senior and emerging receive continued and regular training. This continuous training ensures we are up to date with all current techniques and style trends, as well as professional usage and knowledge of Aveda products.

Beautiful healthy hair,
created by people who care

Healthy beautiful hair,
created by people who care