Our Creative Team

Our team have been carefully selected to ensure we consistently produce the highest possible levels of service and creativity. We aim to ensure that no matter what cut, style or treatment you require we have a specialist available to ensure your ultimate satisfaction.

We are very proud to present to you our creative team, who are not just amongst the best in their field but are also really lovely people, who you are going to want to come back to again and again. Here they are…


Cutting curls are Master stylist Hanna’s forte, and she is exceptionally good at it. Wedding and event styling are also amongst her specialities. She is the boss lady and all round hair styling luminary with a passion for teaching and training, love of her craft and a devotion to sharing her knowledge and skills with her team.


Master stylist, makeup artist, wedding specialist, hair stylist and creative cutter, Daisy doesn’t just have over 15 years experience, she has over 15 years experience of being an awesome stylist. There’s a difference, and it shows. Dedicated to her craft, Daisy gives every single client her laser focussed attention to detail.


A very modest and humble Senior Stylist, Demi won’t tell you that she is one of the best haircutters on the mid north coast, but we will! She’s a quiet achiever who’s cutting skills and passion for delivering precisely what her clients request are next level.


A rising star in the Moonee Beach salon, Courtney is a third year apprentice, almost at the completion of her apprenticeship. Her foiling and colouring is exceptional and she particularly loves cutting and styling long hair.



As a second year apprentice Annalie is really nailing her training, and has started to cut and colour hair. Annalie specialises in balayage and foiling, and she also loves cutting and styling long hair.


Our sweet Georgia is a second year apprentice on her way to becoming a great hairdresser. She is dedicated and passionate about her learning and one to watch out for as she is an exceptionally talented girl.


A first year apprentice in the Bellingen salon, and with a hairdresser mother, Sarsie already knows a trick or two. This fast learner is one to watch as her talent and skills rapidly accumulate and develop.


Our delightful Viola has begun her journey to a career as a hairdresser, whilst still finishing school! Can you get move determined than that? Busy and dedicated, she is always hungry to learn more.


As admin boss babe there’s nothing this lady cannot do. She’s a problem solver, motivator and all round solutionist. Receptionist, book keeper and more, she is the rock we rely on to keep us rolling.