At Outpost Hair we schedule longer than customary time slots to allow us ample time to consult closely with you.

We discover what you wish to achieve by listening carefully to your preferences, and then discuss techniques for achieving your desired result.

We then advise on the suitability of your choice to your particular hair type and condition, and how it may affect your hair.

Whilst we endeavour always to deliver all your desired outcomes, our primary concern at all times is to ensure your hair is maintained in the best possible health.

Cutting and Styling

Adult Cuts Emerging Stylist Senior Stylist Master Stylist
Haircut $60 $75 $85
Restyle $70 $85 $95
Mens Cut $40 $47 $50
Clipper & Scissors Combo $30 $35 $40
Clipper Cut only $22 $22 $22
Clipper & Wash $28 $28 $28
Kids Cuts* Emerging Stylist Senior Stylist Master Stylist
Kids 12 years and under $25 * $35* $40 *
Youth 13 - 18 years $35* $45 * $50*

* Kids cuts do not include wash and blowdry. Add on for $10

Styling Emerging Stylist Senior Stylist Master Stylist
Wash & Blowdry $48 $53 $58
Wash, Blowdry & Dry Styling $47 $57 $67
Downstyling $100
Upstyling $115

Conditioning Treatments

Moisture, protein, bond repair or shine treatments are available in the following services.

Express Treatment $28
Thirty Minute Treatment $45
Sixty Minute Treatment $70
Botanical repair bond strengthening in colour treatment $35

Your Outpost Hair experience features our complimentary Aveda stress relieving head and hand massages. These are both done using Aveda’s natural essential oils as an aromatic aid to relaxation.

Your hand massage helps to relieve muscle tension, relax your body and can even reduce pain. Your scalp massage can reduce levels of stress hormones, lower your blood pressure and calm your heart rate.

It’s no wonder you feel so deliciously relaxed when, having revived your body we begin to transform your hair. Lucky you!



Regrowth Colour $80
Partial Regrowth $48
Full Colour Short $100
Full Colour Medium $125
Full Colour Long $150

Blondes & Bleaching*

Regrowth Application (Roots only) $110*
Full Bleaching (Short) $125*
Full Bleaching (Medium) $150 *
Full Bleaching (Long) $175 *

* Bleaching prices may vary. For colour correction a consultation is required for a full quote.

Toners, Vivid Colour & Gloss Treatments

Short $30
Medium $45
Long $65

Foiling, Highlights & Balayage

Service Emerging Stylist Senior Stylist Master Stylist
Quarter Head Foils $85 $100 $110
Half Head Foils $105 $120 $130
Three Quarter Head Foils $115 $135 $145
Full Head Foils $140 $160 $170
Half Head Balayage $120 $135 $145
Three Quarter Head Balayage $135 $145 $155
Full Head Balayage $155 $175 $185

“I’ve been a client at Outpost Hair for the past eight years because I believe they’re the best. All their hairdressers are great cutters and stylists, and you can’t go wrong with any of them. A friendly, welcoming team and importantly, non-toxic Aveda products too.”

– Gillian C.

Hair extensions

Please note that hair extensions are infinitely variable due to hair length, colour etc, and the cost varies accordingly. The pricing shown here then is indicative only, as so many factors contribute to creating the desired look, and actual cost. It is essential therefore that you book a free consultation to discuss your requirements, following which we can provide a firm price.

First time application, which includes purchase of hair extensions

Half, three quarter and full head services include complimentary hair extension home care maintenance shampoo and conditioner, and a follow up wash and blow-dry one week later.
Quarter Head. Cost subject to confirmation at consultation $250
Half Head. Cost subject to confirmation at consultation $495
Three Quarter Head. Cost subject to confirmation at consultation $745
Full Head. Cost subject to confirmation at consultation $990

Removal and re application

Service includes wash, blow dry and style.
Quarter Head. $100
Half Head. $150
Three Quarter Head. $200
Full Head. $250

“I keep coming back to Outpost Hair because I get SO many compliments on my hair when they have worked their magic on it! I’ve been to a lot of salons and I believe there’s nobody better.”

– Fiona N.